Gods Bathroom Floor.

I'm Emily, I'm from Portland Maine. Here you will find everything I am, everything I love and everything I aspire to be. I'm trying my best to live a life cruelty free, and filled with modification.

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No matter how much sleep
I get the bags under my
eyes still seem to be a sign
that you’re that one thing
that keeps me up at night.
(via mydemisee)

(via mydemisee)


Guess what’s restocked! 
Gorgeous “Alluvial” from Maya - Silver with Shell design



Grimoire Decor via Tokyo Telephone

Grimoire Almadel: Map

Grimoire Original: Map

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Opals! Piercings by Alan, jewelry by @neometaljewelry #piercing #nose #opal (at Lucky Rabbit)

7mm druzy citrine plugsfacebook.com/pavianplugsorganics

25mm white marble with brass inlay.
Available at http://pangeapiercing.storenvy.com/products/5995465-1-inch-25mm-white-marble-stone-eyelets-with-brass-inlays

Long / Longing

Crying, eating mcdonalds while listening to taylor swift.

That’s what happens when you’re in love folks. Run away as fast as you can.