Do You Remember It All To Well?

I'm Emily, I'm from Portland Maine. Here you will find everything I am, everything I love and everything I aspire to be. I'm trying my best to live a life cruelty free, and filled with modification.

Instagram: emilymcfarlin

We’re going for a ride and she’s smiling about it

Guys the first video of the new puppy :) Bella just melts my heart

And here’s my cute little candle 

Done by the wonderful and oh so talented James Amsden 

Honored to call this man a very great friend. He’s also done my Poe, Raven and ouija

Michael and I went apple picking and got a new puppy :)

I really miss my long hair
Sup 💋✌️
Maine is so pretty in the fall, I love my front yard
This lipstick though
And, hey good morning
My favorite thing right now is this sweater